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How Balanced are your feet?

Most of the people who suffer from aches and pain have no idea that they have imbalanced feet.  But nowadays it is very easy to diagnose.  We use the latest laser scanning technology and help you find out the actual condition of your arches. In some cases if you look at the uneven wear on the heels of your shoes you can tell your feet have become imbalanced.  If you want to be sure whether you pronate or supinate then simply call us for a scan. Order online now either by calling or texting us 306.291. 2717

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Better Performance

Whether we walk, run, dance or climb, our feet enable us to move comfortably. Discomfort could be due to misaligned joints from your feet up. A 3D laser scan can easily and quickly help you determine how pronated or supinated your feet are. Call 306-2912717 for a free scan on Order online now either by calling or texting us 306.291. 2717 

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Flat, normal, pronated or upinated Feet

What type of feet do you have?

Ultimate Performance

 Extreme comfort Orthotics are custom designed  and  specifically made for your feet   enable you to perform the  best whatever you do !  

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How Balanced are your feet?

The fun of playing soccer can be so much that our children can keep going day after day but when the feet or back begin to hurt the fun is over. The feet may be imbalanced causing the joints or muscles to be over-stressed and painful. It is important to determine how balanced the feet are, otherwise it could lead to excruciating pain.​ 

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 Your strong and healthy feet deliver  the mighty kick!

Ultimate Performance

Extreme comfort Orthotics are custom designed and specifically made for your feet enable you to perform the best whatever you do !

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The Power of a kick begins from your feet.

And the balance of the body is maintained by our orthotics. Ha​ve you tried our orthotics yet?

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Foot pain/Heel Pain/Metartarsalgia/ Shin Splint /Plantar Fasciitis

Bunion Pain

Knee Pain

Hip Pain/Sciatica

Low Back/ Neck Pain

How Custom Orthotics work?

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A foot scan that takes 12 seconds can show the balance of your feet and the alignment of your body. To relieve your pain, we custom make orthotics to better balance your feet  and align your whole body.

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